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What Love Looks Like Sermon Series

Sermon Series (6/28/20-7/26/20)

Through this series, we name that in the midst of a global pandemic, as we face injustice and racial inequality, it can feel, at times, like love is absent. And the question for us today is this: how do we love in a time when we so desperately need love? How do we care for each other recognizing that our history has been, at times, fraught with hate? How do we love incarnationally, the way Jesus lived?

The good news for us is that we are created in the image of love, for the purpose of living in love. Over the next five weeks, we will study this love: love that puts aside our own prejudices and biases, love that stands up to injustice, love that chooses the other, and love that doesn’t just talk the talk, but is willing to walk the walk. 

As part of the series, we have compiled a list of resources to encourage our congregation to continue to grow in faith and action. For additional resources, visit our full resource page!

Sermon 1: Created in the Image of Love (6/28/20)

Sermon 2: Love that Puts Aside Prejudice and Bias (7/5/20)

Sermon 3: Love that Stands up to Injustice (7/12/20)

Sermon 4: Love that has the Power to Change the Future (7/19/20)

Sermon 5: Love that Takes Action (7/26/20)

Trinity UMC of Alexandria