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2911 Cameron Mills Road , Alexandria, VA 22302
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Three Simple Rules Sermon Series

January Sermon Series (January 10-24, 2021)

What rules do you live by? These days there are many rules about how we are and aren’t supposed to act and behave. While rules are so important for keeping us safe, they can be, at times, overwhelming. Through this series, we are going to talk about three simple rules for how Christians are supposed to live. This is based off of John Wesley’s “Three General Rules” that he gave to early Methodists to govern their organization and life together. If we can make this simple commitment, it can serve as a guide for our daily lives, and help direct our actions in a way that glorifies God and enable us to serve others.

Sermon 3: Stay in Love with God (1/24/21)

Sermon 2: Do Good (1/17/21)

Sermon 1: Do No Harm (1/10/21)

Baptismal Remembrance and Communion Service (1/3/21)

Trinity UMC of Alexandria