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2911 Cameron Mills Road , Alexandria, VA 22302
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This I Know... Sermon Series

Sermon Series (November 1, 2020 - November 22, 2020)

There is much we don’t know these days. In fact, it feels like our lives are filled with unknowns, uncertainties, and insecurities. We don’t know when a vaccine will be available, we don’t know when it will be widely distributed, we don’t know what 2021 will look like, and many of us are overwhelmed with this unknowing. Yet, as people of God, in the midst of uncertainty, there are also certainties we know to be true. We know God created us in God’s image, we know God called us into covenant, and we know that God never forgets or forsakes us.  Through this sermon series, we will look at what we do know. We will remember the commitments that follow this knowledge.  This 4 week sermon series will be focused on putting our knowledge into action and will end with commitment Sunday on Sunday, November 22. 

Sermon 1: All Saints' Sunday, "Knowing Our History" (11/1/20)

Sermon 2: "Knowing God" (11/8/20)

Sermon 3: "Knowing Ourselves" (11/15/20)

Sermon 4: "Knowing Our Commitments" (11/22/20)

Trinity UMC of Alexandria