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Lent Mission Offering 2021

February 23, 2021

Dear Trinity Community:

In the world today, we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ; to continue Christ’s ministry of love and service. As United Methodists, we put great emphasis on service to others, outreach, and evangelism as the expression of God’s love at work in the world. Our congregation shows our commitment through our generosity and engagement with our community and the world at large. 

Despite the challenges that 2020 posed, our congregation embodied Christ’s mission in ways we couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of the year. By moving our worship service on-line we were able to spread the good news of Jesus Christ across the globe. When our youth weren’t able to participate in the Appalachia Service Project (ASP) as planned, our youth participated in “Mission week” that infused our young people with a joy for missions work. As we realized the incredible toll the pandemic would take on our most vulnerable communities, Trinity disbursed a special COVID-19 response donation to ALIVE!, Casa Chirilagua, Community Lodgings, and Rising Hope. We have also deepened our relationship with Rising Hope with our weekly food delivery mission. Our 2020 Missions Year in Review provides a wonderful recap of this interesting year.

For this year’s Easter/Lenten appeal, we continue our focus on our mission partners helping our community: ALIVE!Casa ChirilaguaCommunity Lodgings, and Rising Hope, as well as UMCOR’s International Disaster Response Fund. The Missions Team’s goal is to raise $5000 throughout the season to disburse equally among the 5 organizations. (For additional details on each mission see below.) Trinity is a generous, giving church and we have great faith that each family will contribute as they are best able. We expect we can reach our goal with an average of about $50 per family. If you are able to give more, please know that all monies donated for this offering will be provided to these missions.

Please prayerfully consider the recipients as you decide on your contribution for this special offering. All amounts will make a difference in the recipients’ lives. You can designate an electronic donation through Trinity’s online giving portal. Locate the Lenten Missions Offering (969) Fund line, specify an amount, how you would like to give and click “Continue.” You can also mail in a check to the Church Office (2911 Cameron Mills Road, Alexandria, VA 22302) and put “Lenten Offering” in the memo section of your check. 

Individually, we could never adequately fund or participate in all of these worthy missions. As a congregation, we can affect many positive outcomes. Join us in our Church’s mission work with your valuable time, unique talents, and financial contributions.

Thank you and may God continue to bless us all.

Mary Gillman

Chair Trinity UMC Missions Team

Grace Han, Pastor

Trinity UMC

Trinity UMC of Alexandria