Trinity UMC of Alexandria

We worship in-person and online each Sunday morning at 11 AM! Visit our Worship Page for more information.

2911 Cameron Mills Road , Alexandria, VA 22302
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Faith and Reason Sermon Series

Faith and Reason: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Faith

Starting April 25th, we will begin a new sermon series to address the questions that we struggle with in our faith. How do we make “sense” of these difficult realities and still have a vital faith in God? Through this sermon series, we will address some of the difficult questions we face as Christians: Is belief in God unscientific? Is the Bible the literal Word of God? Who goes to Heaven and Who goes to Hell? Why is there so much evil in the world? Why do people suffer? Join us for this important sermon series.

Sermon 4: "Why Do People Suffer?" (5/16/21)

Sermon 3: "Understanding Heaven and Hell" (5/9/21)

Sermon 2: "Science and Religion" (5/2/21)

Sermon 1: "Faith vs. Reason" (4/25/21)


Trinity UMC of Alexandria