Trinity UMC of Alexandria

We worship in-person and online each Sunday morning at 11 AM! Visit our Worship Page for more information.

2911 Cameron Mills Road , Alexandria, VA 22302
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Anger Sermon Series

January Sermon Series: Anger (January 8-29, 2023):  We’ve all been there. When we’ve been so angry we lost our temper. Or perhaps our anger rose from an injustice that we couldn’t ignore. How do we understand anger? Is anger part of our Christian faith or is anger a sin that should be avoided? What does the Bible say about anger? Join us for this four week sermon series as we talk about anger. We will explore if anger is good or bad, how to not let anger consume us, what holy and righteous anger is, and how we strive for peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Sermon 1: Is Anger Good or Bad? (January 8, 2023)

Sermon 2: When Anger Consumes Us. (January 15, 2023)

Sermon 3: Holy and Righteous Anger (January 22, 2023)

Trinity UMC of Alexandria